Best Served Cold
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Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Length: Complete novel

The first in the Sasha Stace series, this is a fast-moving and gripping legal thriller in which a respected prosecutor is eventually confronted with sending an innocent man to his death, mirroring her father's mistake forty years previously.

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About the Book


They were once on a jury together, forty years ago, when a man was executed for killing his wife. Now three of the four are dead, amid personal vendettas and accusations of pornography, and the last man standing is arrested for the murders.
It’s up to Sasha Stace QC to secure his conviction. But the case is circumstantial, the trial sensational, and nothing is as it seems. In her fight for justice, Sasha embarks on a course that imperils her life and endangers those she loves.

Best Served Cold is a fast-moving and gripping legal thriller with more twists than the rope that strangles its victims. Be warned.

“A great plot and cast of characters. A tightly written story that gripped me all the way to a terrific ending.” Paul Thompson, Editor-Journalist Fairfax Media.

A nice balance of court room drama and conflict outside the courtroom. Great to see Christchurch, New Zealand as the setting.-Rocking Great Reads
About the Author
Mark McGinn

Mark McGinn lives in Christchurch, NZ with his family. When he's not writing crime novels, he's enjoying sport, reading other crime writers and, with U2 live in his ear, trying to minimise the excesses of red wine and chocolate on an exercycle that looks like a dark age instrument of torture. Now writing his fifth novel, he has previously written two Sasha Stace legal thrillers, a third is with his editor and a mystery. A short story, Perfect Cover, has been published by Fairfax Media.

During a lengthy career in the NZ court system, Mark had the privledge of seeing some of the finest lawyers and judges in action in many notable criminal jury trials. That experience and his subsequent background in psychological assessment has enriched and driven his crime writing.

You can reach Mark through his author page on Facebook: or, follow him on Twitter as McGinn Crime.

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