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Deceit is a private investigator mystery written by Mark McGinn. Clay Tempero is a suspended Australian attorney who’s working as a private investigator until his suspension is lifted. Some of his work is of the tawdry variety and involves catching spouses in illicit affairs. When Mrs. Hassett retains him to catch her spouse cheating, Clay figures it’s a routine job until he bursts in on the cheating spouse and sees that his sex partner is actually an underage boy. This strikes a chord for the private eye who still is cautious about men’s rooms after an incident that happened while he was a child. Clay’s friend, attorney Sean Felan, has been giving him work when he can. His newest assignment is helping craft a defense strategy for Lou Blanc, a pop singer who’s been charged in connection with the disappearance of her little boy.
Mark McGinn’s private investigator novel, Deceit, is dark, gritty and intense. Clay Tempero is the perfect noir detective, who lives lean, doesn’t volunteer the fact that he’s the holder of a doctorate in criminology, and whose relations with his father and daughter are strained, to say the least. McGinn’s story is taut and atmospheric, and his writing style fits the story perfectly. As I was reading Deceit, I started wondering if there were other Clay Tempero novels around or planned, as a series is sure to be a welcome addition for any mystery buff’s bookshelf. Deceit delivers action, suspense and an insider’s look into politics, law and life Down Under. It’s most highly recommended. 5 stars

Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite (Book reviews and award contest)


In Deceit (Clay Tempero, Book 1) by Mark McGinn, Clay is a suspended lawyer struggling to make ends meet. His latest case was one he probably wouldn’t have taken on under normal circumstance as it brought up issues from his past that he would have preferred not to relive. However, he desperately needed the money, and the promised pay was good enough. His latest client, Lou, was accused of killing her own son. It had been over a year since Lou’s 10-year-old son disappeared in the middle of a custody battle, and although no body was found, Lou was on trial for his murder. Clay’s role was to find out exactly what happened to the boy. Clay was ready to work the case and get to the bottom of it all, until he found his new client’s body in a bloody tub, and then things got more interesting. After a talk with a very generous third party, he decided to carry on with the case, while at the same time trying to untangle the mess that was his personal life.
Deceit (Clay Tempero, Book 1) by Mark McGinn is an emotional story filled with intrigue and suspense that starts building from the very first page. In the very first chapter, Clay is introduced as an unconventional character, setting the pace for what to expect from him throughout the story. Clay is a very intriguing person with several layers to his personality, and every new turn reveals a little more about him and the mess in his private and professional space. It was very interesting to see the conflict between his unusual ways of doing business and his rather grounded principles. There wasn’t much he wouldn’t do to solve a case, but he always knew how to
wasn’t much he wouldn’t do to solve a case, but he always knew how to do the right thing. I loved reading the book, especially because the plot was developed so each chapter revealed more in this entangled web. 5 stars

Faridah Nassozi,  Readers’ Favorite (Book reviews and award contest)


“Though a resident of Sydney, Clay Tempero, (Deceit) introduced in McGinn’s Trust No One (2013), would be right at home anywhere as a PI who doggedly pursues a case while wrestling with his own demons or rocky past. McGinn knows his way around the legal system and genre conventions. He also has a facility for the odd turn of phrase: Cocaine usage is described as “vacuuming with straws.”

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Review by: tony parsons on Jan. 11, 2014 : (no rating)
Henry Peters (mechanical & chemical engineering) was with his wife Eva Peters. Henry’s CEO, Donna Bosco asked Constable Jim Maxwell to bring him in. Henry had applied for the position of deputy CEO butt Arnold de Vito got it. A complete 180° turn in the story. 3 girls had come up missing & maybe more.
Who is the serial killer(s)?
Awesome book cover. What a suspenseful, alarming, spine chilling horror, thriller short story (book). Very well written. Never a dull moment from start/finish. Make another great scary movie or TV series. Very easy for me to give the short story (book) 5 stars.
Thank you for the free book (short story)
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4.0 out of 5 stars Perfect Cover February 21, 2015
By  Renita Everhart
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Good short story. I enjoyed it with my coffee and dog outside. I will read the rest of the story.
4.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable and interesting short story February 21, 2015
By Sean 
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Original, well-developed plot. Well worth a read.

cold“Best Served Cold is Mark McGinn’s first novel. His familiarity with the legal system is evident throughout the novel, and the basic formula of the legal thriller (throw an innocent person into jail, get them caught up in a conspiracy, and then get them out) is used well by McGinn, as he puts his own spin on these plotline developments. There are some good ideas for a solid crime-fighting heroine in Best Served Cold, and it will be interesting to see how Mark McGinn develops the character of Sasha Stace in his other novels in the series.”

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webA great plot and cast of characters. A tightly written story that gripped me all the way to a terrific ending.”

Paul Thompson, Journalist & Editor, Fairfax Media.