It’s hard at the best of times to track down people of interest, i.e. those last seen at a place or suspected of crimes. I’m calling them people of interest. You can guess the police narrative that sits behind these pictures. Although the nearest and dearest may well recognise the people in these pictures, the quality of them is such that readers will either purposefully inspect them and work out if the image is of someone they know or they’ll flick past them. And if these people are missing and the nearest and dearest want them found, they’d be supplying quality photos.



While it’s true that items of clothing might help identify people, photos of this type should be a whole lot clearer, to allow even casual acquaintances to readily identify those within them. I can’t help but wonder what proportion of these photos proceed to useful identifications. I’d hope it was worth the effort because some hardworking cop or police administrator has had to trawl through camera footage and then work with The Press to get them published.  Surely in the interests of crime detection we can expect better?